Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Entrance

Essays and crap made me realise one thing. I hate hate hate hate writing.
Ok finee even if I don't hate writing, my brain doesn't have enough useful juice to spill out.
Oh right, the brain has none at all.

Have you seen me write long long making my own sense here?
No right? Even if got long long is like *type*
*enter* kind ya know?

During schooling days also..gosh they say essays must be this *insert number* long.
Even if I tried. I really, really, cannot make it.

So anyways, yeah. I'M ALIVE!
Was busy with the gb. Still am.
If not I wouldn't want to come online la.
Had to cause of this stupid finallyendingsoonishafterhandingupthisassignment babi LAN subject.

And I'm only blogging because I wanna procrastinate.
I am prinCESS of procrastination. Hoho.

I had this paranoia thinking yesterday. Wanted to blog about it lor.
But then got work due the next day and all.
So tak jadi.
T'was funny. To me la.

Dang its already 1 something. Seriously, what was I doing for an hour.
I am not done! :(

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