Monday, January 11, 2010

I would live in a hotel

Based on a text that was never sent, "30 minutes of watching, 30 minutes of talking, 30 minutes of waiting!".
Was still a nice hour and a half spent watching a "How to make a turkey and stuffing" session, talking and sitting outside at the terrace drinking rich freshly squeezed orange juice, waiting and enjoying the sun, the view, the breeze, at said terrace while hearing not so bad pictureless tunes on HitsTv for once.
Having stayed another hour at the terrace before dinner, the whole evening was practically spent out there doing nothing. ♥ Loved it.

If I had a cool caption for this photo, it would definitely be cool. So cool.

Call me a loner, but someone once said that I have a very loner emo, nobody cares for me face. Its so sad but its so true! >:(

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