Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I absolutely love love love the holidays.
I don't think I'm even ready to go back to college yet.Such a dread.
Too many homework that I don't want to even touch.

Going for all these holidays felt as if I was detoxing.
But in a very nice way.I wanna go back there[whichever also can].

Been to Port Dickson, Malacca and Fraser's Hill.
I loved it all.

#1. Port Dickson
  • The company
  • The view
  • Sand, sun, and beach.
  • Beautiful breeze.
  • Clear skies to stargaze.
  • Clealiness!
#2. Malacca
  • The whole extended family
  • Moneh
  • More satay celuping.
#3. Fraser's
  • The super duper clear non lighted skies!
  • Stargazing!
  • The cold.
  • The adventure.
  • The lovely lovely ride home.Reminded me why I used to love traveling just before the sun rises.

Right.I think I'm beginning to fall in love with nature.Somewhat.
Know what I want for Christmas?Ok la any other time also can.
  • I want to watch a beautiful and perfect sunRISE!
  • Find and know those star shapes and all.With absolute clear skies!
  • Haha this has no relevance.Anyhow..An evil patrick.[A black version of that usual red patrick]
As usual, pictures cannot be promised.
The lack of space and corrupted comp is giving all the more reasons not to post them pictures up.

Of all the places.I wanna go back to PD!
Not too hot, not too cold.Windy beaches.
Just nice.

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