Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Car Breakdown, A Wedding Dinner and A Surprise Birthday.

Hee I got a title.Surprisingly easy today.Bleeh.Still not done with the template.I can't seem to get it to look like what I wanted in the preview.A few days after I decided on opening up the blog again, it gives me problems.Thank you blogger, thank you!

Oh on Saturday i had to push the Mitsubishi Tredia car named Sally by myself while traffic was moving and constantly stopping around.It was at the traffic light which the is on the road heading towards Giant.So scary..But all I wanted was that cars don't honk me while i'm at it.And luckily they didn't. =D
Got the car to start by jump starting it with aunty Jenny's car with Ah Wai's help.
While charging our car for a while, a women came and asked whether if we could borrow her our phone.Ironically their car died-ed too!That road should be named "The Death Road!" [for cars la of course]

As for the wedding dinner..It was Richard and Kristina's.Only knew the bride who's from the same church.
I lazy to say more edy.Show you piccas!

Two bands of the youths from Shekinah performed during dinner.Got good comments and compliments from the people there.

Well today is Yin Har's birthday.Her..twenty..something something birthday.Haha.I'll let her age be anonymus la.Mixed some ingredients up before going for bkb which they didnt get to play.At last we resulted to going to her house to see her new guitar and sabotage her there while pretending to walk to palm grove mamak.

Me, Jane C and Seaw Chin camwhoring and plotting in the car and camwhoring for a while cause the original plan backfired due to lack of light in the bkb courts.The five of them up there was some of the culprits in making Har like that in the bottom right pic.We were all sitting in the cars shielding ourselves away from her while she splashed a cloth that we used to blinfold her on the cars.Boy did we mess up the road outside.But we as resposible people cleaned up after ourselves after that of course.

After cleaning up and all, we finally walked to Pg mamak.Asked the cook to make this smiley-faced-canai.

And so i'm gonna end this post with..Yours truly,

[Trying to take pictures while the fan is blowing during the wedding dinner. =D ]


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